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Electronic College Application and Essays

Tips for Submitting an Online Application
Colleges are hopping on the bandwagon and posting online applications. Making a good first impression online is just as important as it is on the paper application.
Applying online to a desired college is a win-win situation for both the student and the college. It makes it easier for both parties involved. The student and the college can track the status of the application and financial aid easily as compared to the paper application. Some colleges even waive the application fee for applying online.
The Online Application
Students need to realize that proofreading is just as important on the online application as on the paper one. Filling out the application is a formal process. Do not treat it as an informal email to a friend. Typos, spelling and usage errors can be fatal. A good tip is to print off the application before hitting the send button to proofread it on submit it to essay coach college papers writing and editing company. It is easier to find errors on paper than on the computer screen.
Another tip is not to use a generic one. Standing out is important in the competitive college admissions world. Admissions officers like to see that the student takes the application seriously and has researched the college. However, filling out a common application is good practice. Once a generic application is filled out, one can use much of the information on other online college applications.
Take Time on the Essay and Short Answer
Some online applications ask for a short-answer writing sample. For example, you may have to elaborate on a work experience or extra curricular activity. Check carefully for grammar mistakes and fluidity. The key is to make it personal.
Do not rush writing the personal essay. When constructing the essay, make sure to include an introduction, body and conclusion. Essays need to be organized yet interesting. Do not list what was on the application. A key to getting a college admissions officer's attention is to choose a topic that is different from the hundreds of other essays. Be creative but be sincere. Most importantly, follow the directions provided.
Several drafts should be written before submitting, and a friend or parent should edit the essay. Proper grammar is key in this essay as well. If there are questions about the essay, call the admissions office. The staff in admissions can give valuable advice.
Know the Deadlines
When filling out online applications, do not waiting until the last moment. Computer problems can arise. Make sure that all additional items arrive at the college on time too, such as ACT or SAT scores, AP/IB test scores, financial aid forms and information, reference letters, etc. Making the deadline is a crucial first step to getting into a favorite college.
When filling out online applications, do not rush, write several drafts of the short answers and essays and meet the deadlines. This will increase the chances of getting into the prefered college.